Writing a Good Custom Comparison Essay

A custom comparison essay is focused on putting two different ideas or things side by side so that the readers will identify the similarities and the differences between the two things. The purpose of making a comparison essay is to point out the significance of how similar or different the two things are. It can be you have a new, innovative idea to present, or you want the readers to see something that can only be uncovered by comparing the two different things.

Steps on Writing a Custom Comparison Essay

1. Choose a Topic

Choosing a topic can be time consuming. For a good custom comparison essay, you have to choose not just a topic that’s relevant to your class discussions but an interesting one as well. You may compare two different events, people, environmental issues, economical issues, works of literature, films, etc. Although there are a wide range of ideas for a topic, you have to keep in mind that the two things you are to compare should have a common ground.

2. Arrange your Ideas

Custom comparison essays are never written spontaneously. It’s written with a plan in mind. It’s vital that you organize your ideas in an order that can show clearly the points of comparison. You may write your ideas by making a table first and then arrange the ideas about the two things you’re comparing according to different categories. Once you do, making an outline will be much easier.

3. Make an Outline

Outlining is a step of essay writing that is the same for every type of essay, not just in custom comparison essays. You can fully understand what the content of your essay will be as you make your outline. Moreover, with an outline, the flow of ideas will be much organized.

4. The Introduction

Use the introduction to briefly discuss the two things separately in your custom comparison essay. You can write their definition so the readers will understand them well. You may also add quotations when you try to explain each of the two.

5. The Body

Because you already arranged your ideas and you already got an outline, writing the body won’t be difficult. The brainstorming is done and all you have to do is write your statements down clearly and coherently into paragraphs. You can try comparing the two things according to a specific category in one paragraph and make another paragraph for a different category of comparison.

6. The Conclusion

Although you made a point by showing the similarities and difference of two things in the body of your essay, it would also be helpful to briefly summarize everything in a sentence or two in your concluding paragraph. Finish your custom comparison essay by making a strong statement at the end. It can be a striking realization or an emphasis of an ignored truth.