Effective Comparison Essay Help Tips

Looking for comparison essay help tips? Writing a comparison essay is not really difficult. In fact, many students consider comparison essay to be less complicated than the other kinds of essay. Before you read further for the comparison essay help tips, you must first understand what a comparison essay is.

A comparison essay helps the readers to understand the similarities and differences of two things in the same category. If you are tasked to write one, you have to choose two or more things to compare/contrast. It can be about anything unless your teacher/professor gave you topics to compare. You only need to find the facts about the two things and identify what’s related and compare them.

But there is more than listing the comparisons between your two topics. In writing a comparison essay, you have to arrange your data and present them clearly in your paragraphs. If you’re having a hard time on writing a comparison essay, help yourself with the following comparison essay help tips and guidelines.

  • Choose an interesting topic. The following are some good comparison essay helpful ideas for a topic:
    • Local or worldwide events such as the World War I vs. World War II
    • Forms of literature such as Shakespeare’s Twelfth Knight vs. his Midsummer Night’s Dream
    • Famous icons or people such as United States’ George W. Bush vs. Osama Bin Laden
    • Current issues such as the responses of the different countries in relation to North Korea’s nuclear program
  • If your teacher or professor provided you an essay question or with the topics to compare, you have to find out the basis on why you have to compare them. You should always find a similar ground so it’ll be easy for you to find meaningful information that you can use, otherwise, your ideas will be going in circles, making your comparison essay to be nonsensical.
  • To arrange your data, you can make a table first where you list all the ideas of similarities/differences of your topics according to a particular category. This will also give you help in organizing your thoughts and may even give you an idea on how to present them clearly.