Determining the Comparison Essay Thesis

Ironically, the most difficult portion in writing the easiest type of essay is finding the appropriate comparison essay thesis statement. The comparison essay thesis refers to the statement which conveys the direct issue that is being responded to by the composition. In this case, the issue that is being presented will always be the comparison and contrast of two or more differing alternatives.

The main concern that should be considered in writing the comparison essay thesis is to give the same focus in the comparison and contrast element of the alternatives. Simply, comparison thesis always requires two or more subject matters that can be compared. As such, there will be no comparison essay when there is only one alternative that is being considered.
Wording is also a significant factor that is addressed when writing the comparison essay thesis statement. The choice of words in the comparison essay thesis statement should be coherent enough that the readers can understand what it implies at the first glance. Writers can use words such as although, while, whereas and even though to emphasize the contrasting characteristic of the alternatives.

Authors should opt to prevent using general or broadly-defined statements because this does not plainly convey the message of the essay. Specific, concise and mind-catching ideas should be incorporated to the comparison essay thesis statement. The words should be enough to paint a clear picture of what idea the writer is sending to the readers.
When writing comparison essay thesis statements, writers should list down possible similarities and differences between the alternatives and subject matters that are being debated upon. After listing, writers should focus on the ideas that are highly relevant to the linkage between the alternatives. This will help the writer choose the most significant relationship between the two and develop these to a potential comparison essay thesis statement. This process can also prevent a generalized thesis statement by restricting the perspective on the linkage between the alternatives.

Quantity is also essential in writing thesis statements. According to writing experts, fewer concepts provide for better comparison essay thesis statements. This is due to the fact that fewer ideas mean that a limited focus is presented which prevents the generalization of the information.

Writers can also take advantage of different literary devices to express the comparison of the alternatives. Comparison essay thesis statements will be more meaningful and creative when literary devices such as characterization, simile, foreshadowing, symbolism, metaphor, imagery, allegory, figurative language and personification is utilized.

Writers should place the comparison essay thesis statement at the beginning of the composition to properly serve its purpose. The clear suggestion of the thesis statement at the beginning helps in driving the readers’ attention to the essential points of the essay. At the end of the day, the writer should still support the comparison essay thesis statements with further analyses as embodied in the comparison paragraphs of the composition. The thesis statement is only a part of the essay, the other portion should be written well in order to complement the strong impact that this have elicited to the readers.