Comparison Essay Introduction

Writing the comparison essay introduction is very critical to help the writer achieve his purpose in doing the composition. This portion serves as the make or break part wherein the reader will decide to continue reading the whole text or not. The comparison essay introduction also plays the role of laying the basic information before delving into more specific portions of the essay. These are the primary reasons why writers should take careful consideration when composing the comparison essay introduction.

In order to properly start writing the comparison essay introduction, authors should do a preliminary research regarding the two alternatives or subjects that they will be contrasting in the written work. Writers can use online references, interviews and books in achieving this purpose. Getting the background of the comparable objects is essential in order to make an in-depth and credible analysis.

Planning the outline of the composition is also helpful in doing the comparison essay introduction. Writers should be able to properly distribute pertinent information throughout the composition in order to ensure smooth transition of ideas. Making an outline will help writers avoid redundancy in the topics discussed and develop the point that they want to emphasize in the essay.

Writers should find a creative way of comparison essay introduction. This is very important because this will catch the attention of the readers to continue reading the essay. Writers can choose to begin their essay with a rhetorical statement, a joke, a quote or an anecdote that can be related to the subject matters being compared. The more appealing to the reader, the better the statement is.

However, writers should exercise caution in choosing the opening statements in their composition. They should ensure that this would be highly relevant and appropriate to the topic being discussed and this will not mislead the reader’s attention. Writing a misleading statement would be detrimental in conveying the precise information to the readers.

Next, the writer should link the opening statements with the two alternatives that are being contrasted in the composition. These are the statements that will directly introduce the two subjects that are being presented. Readers should at least be able to get a glimpse of the things that are being compared and how they can relate to these.

Objectivity should also be taken into consideration when writing the comparison essay introduction. Writers should reflect their neutrality in their work by not providing any bias to any alternative in the beginning portion. Writers should not take any side in the comparison debate. They should not condition the readers from the onset of the essay that a particular alternative is better than the other.

It is also helpful to insert one thesis statement in the comparison essay introduction which directly states what the comparison essay is all about. This is needed in order to clearly establish the message of the essay. The thesis statement in the comparison essay introduction also sets the tone and the flow of thought that the reader can expect. Writers should also consider proper wordings of the thesis statement because this is the point where the comparison essay introduction is connected to the actual body of the essay.