How to Do Comparison Essay Writing

Comparison essay writing is one of the common kinds of essay that students in high school and universities would have to write for their subjects, especially their English writing subject. Comparison essay writing is actually easier compared with the other types of essays because in this type of essay, you are only going to use the facts that are already given about two certain things and then compare them. If you’re having a hard time on your comparison essay writing, here are a few tips that can help you understand more how to write it:

  • Choose topics that are in the same category so that it won’t be hard for you to think of the facts related to both of them. One example of a category to use for your comparison essay writing is about holidays; you can compare Thanksgiving with Christmas. Make sure that your topics are interesting and more importantly, relevant to your subject.
  • Prepare an outline for your comparison essay writing. After choosing your topics, look for their similarities and differences. Arrange them in your outline. How are you going to show that they’re different? In what ways are they similar? Remember that you have to point something out in the end and you’re not just going to list their similarities/differences.
  • In comparison essay, the introduction is usually the definition of the two things you are trying to compare. You can do that but you can spice it up by adding quotations or an anecdote. You can also write in your introduction why you chose your topic like for example you can say that many people say that object A is similar with object B, but in fact they are two different things.
  • Make sure that you present your ideas clearly. You can explain your first topic in one paragraph then explain the other in another paragraph. You can also try to compare them related to a certain category. Like for example you’re comparing Thanksgiving with Christmas, you can compare them in one paragraph in relation to the question why are you celebrating them, and then in another paragraph you can compare the two in relation with who are celebrating them, so on.
  •  Don’t forget to use the signal words of comparison. These are helpful words that will clearly present the ideas in your comparison essay writing. Some of these words are: similarly, likewise, similar to, compared to, on the other hand, however, despite, etc.
  • Emphasize your point in comparing the two things in the conclusion of your essay. You can restate a part of your introduction and add strong and meaningful sentences at the end of your comparison essay writing.