Comparison Essay Outline

Comparison essays are deemed to be the easiest form of composition that can be written. This is due to the fact that comparing has been ingrained to human nature even in our daily undertakings. Writers can use these simple guidelines to write an effective comparison essay that will certainly influence their readers. In order to simplify the discussion, the sample outline uses the block format. The comparison essay outline consists of introduction, discussion of first alternative, discussion of second alternative and the concluding paragraph.

The first part of the comparison essay outline is the introduction. The introduction should contain an anecdote or quotation that sums the subject matter of the essay. This serves to spark up the curiosity of the readers to engage them in reading the essay. This should also contain the general statement on what to expect from the composition and the issue that the essay is responding to. Writers should also provide a brief background about the alternatives that are being contrasted.

Writers can deal with the broad issue in order to ascertain the relationship between the two subjects before scoping to a more detailed focus. Writers should fashion their composition with the objective that the readers must easily comprehend the extent of the discussion. The end portion of the introduction should express a cliff hanger on what to expect from the essay.

The next portion of the comparison essay outline is the actual presentation of the comparison and contrast analysis between the alternatives. Simply put, writers can present half of the analysis in each paragraph. The first paragraph based on the comparison essay outline should contain all the key comparison discussed relating to the first alternative. Writers should discuss the possible similarities and differences relating to the first alternative. Writers should only concentrate on explaining the first alternative and no information relating to the second option should be included in this part.

Afterwards, the second paragraph of the comparison essay outline will deal with the background of the second alternative. Like the first paragraph, this portion should be solely devoted to the presentation and analysis of the key figures relating to the second alternative. Writers should also refrain from relating these data to the information presented in the first paragraph.
The third portion of the comparison essay outline is intended to relate the two alternatives to gauge what is similar and different between them. The analysis in this portion should always include reference to the two alternatives and the potential effect that it might have that can influence the reader’s point of view. Discussing the relationship between the two alternatives based on the comparison essay outline will also suffice in order for the readers to get the whole picture of the comparison. This type of format allows the readers to concentrate on the comparative data relating to each alternative without being confused of what is being discussed.

Lastly, the conclusion portion of the comparison essay outline should intend to bring the essay to a close by linking the significance of the discussion to the primary objective set in the introduction. Writers can refocus the discussion by reiterating the most significant drivers which affected the discussion. The generalization of the main purpose of the essay would emphasize the certainty of the facts discussed. In this portion of the comparison essay outline, writers can also infuse some of their personal ideas on which particular alternative are more suitable than the other.